Photoshop Additions

Would you like to create amazing star trails with a few clicks?

We thought so. Hundreds of hours of experimentation and testing have been poured into this singularly handy addition to Photoshop. This action supports any version of Photoshop from CS2 to CS6 and even CC on Mac or PC to create images like these and includes special effects like comets, midgets and streaks.  NOTE: Versions of Photoshop prior to CS2, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom are NOT supported.

Red Rock Cometary [C_009865-76+79brC] Treecycle  Stars and Stripes [5_065561-626li] She'll Be Flyin' round the Mountain When She Comes [5_032150-187]  Night Assault / Ghost Hikers [C_033326-56br] Foreground Revisionism [B_02555-714br] 

With Photoshop you have awesome incredible power to aid your creation. And with the action you can combine, RAW, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG… anything that Photoshop is able to open.

Not only does this Advanced Stacking action smush your photos together in interesting ways, but it can also be used to create eye-popping timelapse effects. Like this, and this and this. If you have Photoshop CS6 or an extended version of Photoshop you can create a timelapse without exiting the program. Or you can use one of many methods to take your fancy images to create a timelapse.

Get the bundle with instructional video, notes and practice files

Advanced Stacker PLUS [14D] with Online Video and Notes
Includes the easy to install Advanced Photoshop action set version 14D, an unlimited viewing online video on creating star trails, notes (PDF) on creating star trails and practice files. The video is 2 hours long. This action is power. You can create star trails and stack images with a minimum of effort and a maximum of control. You can create "comets", "midgets" streaks and much more. And you can create intermediate files along the way to put interesting motion effects into your timelapse. Compatible with Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC (standard or extended). NOT Compatible with Photoshop Elements, or Lightroom.


Or just get the Photoshop action

Advanced Stacker PLUS Version 14D
Includes the easy to install Advanced Stacker+ Photoshop action version 14D. Compatible with Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC (standard or extended). NOT Compatible with Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Lightroom.


Not Ready to Try The Advanced PLUS Features? Try the TEST Version

Kick the tires with this product.  It supports Lighten and Additive stacking as well as the Bump Up technique.

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