NP105: Creating Star Trails Webinar

2015-09-30 Webinar - NP105: Creating Star Trails
NEXT EVENT: Wed, September 30th 7:00 PM PDT (8 MDT / 9 CDT / 10 EDT)

Red Rock Cometary [C_009865-76+79brC]
Learn how to create star trails using a variety of free and low cost tools.

What You'll Learn

  1. Equipment recommendations.
  2. Camera settings for shooting star trails
  3. Recommended workflow
  4. What "Stacking Is"
  5. How to create star trail images using free tools - StarStax (free)
  6. How Moonlight affects your shot(s).
  7. Some sneaky processing tips
  8. How to overcome common problems
  9. How to do Advanced Processing using the StarCircleAcademy Stacking Action(s).
  10. Links to great resources

It is interactive. Ask questions, get answers! NOTE: Select the "With Video" option now and you'll be able to view the recorded webinar in minutes - and you'll save money, too.

In this online, interactive webinar, we will walk through the process of creating a star trail or star circle photo from beginning to end.

Listening to the Sky II [B_025555-714c]


What Should I Already Know?

This webinar is not a beginner’s guide to night photography. You really don’t need to know much at all about star or night photography, but it sure helps to have at least attempted some night photography.