Why North?

Published: October 11, 2010
Last Updated: April 26, 2018

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1 thought on “Why North?

  1. Adam Hey

    First off, a MASSIVE thanks for all the valuable information on your website!

    I live in South Africa and I can confirm that your statement regarding switching the word “north” for “south” is 99.9% accurate.

    There is no “south star” like Polaris and (obviously) the prominent stars/constellations are different. To find the south celestial pole you need to draw an imaginary line through the Southern Cross and a line that bisects Rigel Kent and Hadar. See here:

    This post has several reasons for aiming at the celestial pole that are new to me. Very interesting points regarding the sun and moon!

    Here’s my “best” (most technically proficient) attempt so far. I’ll be going to Lesotho soon, so hopefully I’ll find a more interesting foreground and will certainly be gifted with a MUCH darker sky

    Thanks again for all your valuable hint, tips and insights.

    Adam Hey


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