Photographer of the Year, 2010

Steven’s image: “Photon Worshippers” featuring sunset along the rugged Pacific Coast in Big Sur, California was awarded winner of the International Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest conducted by the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, England. The photo won in the category People and Space. For details see the competition’s Winners page. A two man film crew from Buzz Films, Ltd, London flew out to interview Steven and created a 100 second video about his work.

Steven: in the right spot from Royal Observatory Greenwich on Vimeo.

Subsequent to the win, Steven was also featured on the ABC 7 News in the San Francisco Bay Area. And on KQED public television. This is the winning photo.

Photon Worshippers **Winner Astronomy Photographer of the Year, 2010 - People and Space **

The photo and video were featured in the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England until February, 2011.

Royal Observatory Exhibit

Steven at the Exhibit in Greenwich, England

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