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Now With Added Zip

Life for Life We couldn’t take the sluggishness of our old hosting provider (SlowDaddy) so we’ve moved. We’re now on HostGator and we notice it’s a LOT zippier around here.  But we wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are bugs or problems.

Indeed, if you do notice a problem on a page or an odditity – let us know.  We just might find a way to repay you for helping us out!

While you’re looking, don’t forget we have lots of webinars going on every month.

Next up is the “Complete Workflow” where we answer the question: “Steven, how DO you manage those images”.  After that, we reprise “Creating Star Trails” and then we throw in our almost-every-month Freebinar on getting started in Night Photography. As you might guess, it’s FREE.  If you find it offered at a lower price let us know.  😉