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ISS Predictions – Selected Areas

I have set up a program to automatically compute the ISS transits for different places and upload the results once a day – at around 11:00 am each day. See Zoom-Zoom for the impetus for this as well as references.

NOTE: If the maps come up “empty” it usually means there are no passes in the next 11 days that meet the criteria (within the stated radius and at least 20 degrees or higher in the sky). Also, if the predictions are really old, it means something is BROKEN.  You can leave a comment to let me know as I don’t monitor this very actively.

Please note that intermittently, the application fails to run and update the charts.  Sorry ’bout that.

Predictions for the NORTH BAY

(70 Mile radius from San Leandro and at least 40 degrees altitude)

You can download the predictions for the NORTH BAY here.


(60 mile radius from Morgan Hill and at least 27 degrees altitude)

You can download the predictions for the SOUTH BAY here.

Yosemite Valley, California

(30 mile radius from Yosemite Valley >27 deg.)

You can download the predictions for Yosemite here.

The Los Angeles Area

(70km radius from Beverly Hills  >27 deg.)

You can download the predictions for Los Angeles here.


Research Triangle Park, NC

You can download the predictions for Research Triangle Park here.


Predictions for Las Vegas

(40 Mile radius from Downtown  >27 deg.)

You can download the predictions for Las Vegas here.

New Way to Get Night Photography Instruction

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