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New Video Release – Panorama Extravaganza

It was recorded several months ago… before we ran off on our workshops in the Southern, Central and High Sierra Workshops. ¬†Eric Harness dishes on how to get those swanky panorama shots going.

This is a series of short outtakes to get an idea what is being covered.

For the unlimited online viewing + the notes, you can buy access here:

NP175: Panorama Extravaganza Online Video and Notes
NP175: Panorama Extravaganza Online Video and Notes
The price includes notes and unlimited views of an online 95 minute video featuring Eric Harness, Mr Panorama of StarCircleAcademy presenting Comprehensive Instructions on techniques, equipment and software for creating Panoramas and Vertoramas.

Bixby Panorama

Panorama Extravaganza covers

  1. Types of Panoramas
  2. Equipment (with recommendations)
  3. Compositional Tips
  4. Set-up and shooting tips
  5. Recommended Software
  6. Stitching and Blending
  7. Extensive information about PT GUI, Microsoft ICE and Photoshop Photomerge
  8. Printing, Web Display and more...
Price: $25.00


Add the code “Extravaganza” when you check out for a discount! Discount expires on September 29, 2013.