Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in StarCircleAcademy goods, events and services.  Please read these terms and conditions carefully. You must agree to them to complete your order.

By purchasing or downloading content from StarCircleAcademy.com you agree that we may add your name and email to our subscription list.  After the first welcome email you’ll receive no further emails for six months unless you elect to do so via your preferences, or should you get some additional content from us.  We strongly suggest that you update your preferences with “Notify me about product updates” otherwise you won’t know when we have a fix/patch/updates available. You may unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time.  We work really hard to only send you what you elect to receive ’cause we hate spam.  Your email will not be sold, transferred or used for any other purpose.


Digital Product refers to any software, e-book, video, or other downloadable or viewable content purchased or obtained from this site as well as any private pages, links or passwords.

Purchaser refers to a singular person – the person who pays for (or receives a free copy of) a Digital Product.

User refers to a singular person for whom the purchase was made. This is the licensee of the digital product.

Publicly Accessible refers to any system where files are shared that is not restricted for use only to the User. Publicly accessible also refers to the creation and/or distribution of digital product through swapping or sharing of disks, drives, DVDs, USB drives, file transfer, email or any other media sharing methods.

Personal Use the digital products are for use by a single User. This use does not exclude usage to produce products, or services but does exclude usage by business associates, friends, strangers – anyone for whom a license has not been purchased.

General Conditions

    1. Purchaser agrees that digital product(s) are for personal use only.
    2. Purchaser agrees not to: share, copy, transfer, sell, reproduce or barter the purchased items to any other party or parties. Exception: Purchaser may transfer copies to a User if the purchase was intended as a gift.  
    3. Purchaser and the User of the Digital Product agree not to intentionally share or make available the digital product in any publicly accessible way.
    4. Purchaser agrees that the digital product purchased is for a single User. Use by additional users requires a payment for each additional user.
    5. Additional conditions may apply to workshops and field events.

Digital Product Limitations

    1. The User may use and install this product on any and all systems that the user personally uses – whether a home computer, laptop, a work machine, etc.  However the user agrees not to install this digital product on any machine which you personally do not use or on any machine that is used 50% or more of the time by another party or parties except that you may place a backup copy on other machine(s).
    2. When the User ceases to be the primary user of the machine or machines on which the digital product is installed the user will delete any and all digital products from that machine.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Guarantees

    • The User and purchaser understand that the product is not warranted or guaranteed to work in any fashion and user assumes all risk of use or misuse, all liabilities and consequences of use of the digital product(s).  
    • Purchaser agrees that their sole recourse shall be a refund of monies paid for the purchase of the digital product(s).

Webinar Policy

All of our webinars have a sign up deadline. We recommend that you not register for a webinar less than two hours before it starts.

With our normal registration method, theoretically you can register for an event and get the link to attend immediately. You will also get the materials IMMEDIATELY, or at least at email speed (which can, unfortunately, sometimes be hours). However, we sometimes have to switch providers and thus can’t guarantee a last minute sign up will work. If you elect to get a recording of the webinar, you’ll get that immediately too. Do we use time travel to record the future in the present? No, we send you a previous recording. Not only can you learn whenever you want, you can study up on the content and ask deep and difficult questions! One important NOTE: the webinar information will go to the PAYPAL address you use.

The good news is most of our webinars are scheduled periodically so if you miss one, you can catch the next one. We do appreciate that you are so eager to attend! Thank you for being understanding.

Field Events And Workshops

For the same reasons explained for our Webinar Policy our Field Expeditions and Workshops have deadlines as well, though sometimes we can be more flexible with those events – on the other hand many of our Workshops have even longer lead times. To be honest (again), we’d much rather run with an empty spot than subject you to a litany of last minute special information and worry whether or not you actually got and understood it all. All of our Field Events and Workshops require that you complete a Waiver of Liability. Why? Because walking about in the dark with expensive equipment (and driving to and from locations) has risks that we want to be sure you are fully aware of.

Most of our Field Events and Workshops have minimum attendance levels listed. If we do not achieve the minimum attendance – usually 3 weeks prior to the event, we will cancel the event and make 100% refunds for fees paid to us.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Refund /  Cancellation / Substitution Policy

We view your registration the same as you might regard a ticket to the Symphony. It’s your seat, you paid for it, you are free to use it, not use it, or transfer it (with some restrictions) to someone else.

If There is A Substitute Participant

If you have a paid reservation and we have a waiting list and it is at least four days before the event, we will issue an 80% refund if someone takes the spot you vacate. If you want to be sure to be reimbursed entirely, you can broker your own replacement – provided you let us know and forward all needed materials to your substitute. If however, there are fewer than 4 days before the event, or if we have no substitute to take your spot we will NOT offer a refund. You should assume, therefore, that you will NOT be offered a refund.

If WE Cancel

We believe in honoring our commitments – which is why if the fault is ours we will make 100% refund of payment you have made to us. If we have to cancel, have failed to provide accurate and timely instructions that is on us and we will absolutely make matters right. When we make refunds we, StarCircleAcademy are still on the hook for transaction fees. That is, when we make a refund there is an actual cost to us to do so – not just the time and effort involved.

Q: What about exceptional circumstances?

A: Life happens, health changes. And sometimes in unpleasant and unexpected ways. We understand, and are sympathetic. We will do our best to be the upstanding people you might expect, however, we will request that you to provide reasonable, timely explanation and evidence. We reserve the right to make a partial, full, or no refund according to our judgement. Please keep in mind that we have expenses, and families, too!

Q: In lieu of a refund, what about putting me in another workshop or class?

A: If a suitable event is already scheduled, there is space, and you accept any restrictions on the event (e.g. A Liability Waiver where required), we are usually willing to bump you to the replacement event. Note we do not guarantee a “dollar for dollar” equivalency.

Q: What about just letting it ride (hold a credit) until the next event comes around that I want to attend?

A: We prefer to keep our bookkeeping simple and not keep track of future obligations, so no, this is not an option. We may, however credit you with a free webinar of your choice provided one has been scheduled or even provide a discount at our Store. Again, this will not be a “dollar for dollar” equivalency.

Reimbursement for Additional Costs (Travel, Lodging, etc.)

In no case will we be liable for any costs you incur above and beyond the amount you have paid us for the event, service or software. If travel or lodging costs are significant for you, we heartily suggest trip insurance. Trip insurance might be a good deal, any way.



If you have arrived here from elsewhere, it is because we are sold out of the item you requested. Sorry!