Field Events

We love getting out in the field and shooting.  Here you’ll find a list of some of the events we offer from time to time.

Field Events are photography expeditions that last less than a day and generally focus on in-the-field photography rather than classroom instruction.

NP655: Alabama Hills Night Photography
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Available Seasonally: End of July

Discount pricing available until June 8, 2018. Voyage into Pointy Land [C_061012] Join Astronomy Photographer of the Year winner, Steven Christenson, and Photoshop Genius Eric Harness for one or two nights (your choice) in one of our favorite places in the world: Alabama Hills. Despite the presence of 2 instructors this group will be kept very small so it will be a fun hands on experience for all! NOTE: We will NOT hold this event in 2014. Please see our Workshop in Alabama Hills (June 20-22) We know where to go to get the most interesting formations paired with the Milky Way, or your favorite Star Trail. We'll have plenty of time after sunset (9PM) and before moonrise (midnight) to collect star trails and Milky Way images thereafter the moon will nicely light our landscape for still more creative exposures. We will finally retire for slumber in the wee hours. AND if you didn't think that is enough... well good news, the end of July is also the peak of the Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower, and this workshop coincides with the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower.  We don't guarantee you'll see flaming fireballs like they did in Russia, but you will undoubtedly spy a few bits of flaming space dust. In Alabama Hills the days are hot, but the nights are glorious.  We strongly suggest you book a room at the Dow Villa as soon as possible (other accommodations are available, too, including several other motels and fine area campgrounds).

This Field Expedition is not for beginning photographers. You will need to know how to operate your camera and be comfortable walking around in the dark with minimal light. To attend you also must sign and return a Waiver of Liability. There is no formal classroom instruction for this Field Expedition, but we will meet informally at lunch time on the following day to compare notes and catch up!

Maw of the Cyclops [C_039953]

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations less than 7 days from the event are non-refundable. Cancellations more than one week before the event are refundable up to 50%. If you cancel and a replacement takes your spot, we will refund up to 50%.  If you arrange the replacement yourself (and notify us) you may have the replacement pay you directly and there is no cancellation fee.

About Weather
Weather is unpredictable. We feel confident that we can show you compelling photography opportunities in all but the worst weather.  Since we cannot control the weather, however, we cannot be responsible for the result.

Price: $575.00
Price: $380.00
AP201: Astrophotography in the Field
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Astrophotography is a sub species of night photography that requires more specialized knowledge, more discipline, and usually more investment in time and equipment (i.e. cost!). In this event Steven will take you to a relatively dark sky site. We will generally meet at about sunset and then cover the following topics:
  1. Using a Planisphere
  2. What is an Equatorial Mount? How do they work?
  3. Setting up an Equatorial Mount - polar alignment.
  4. Learning to navigate the night sky
  5. Using an Intervalometer (or) an automation program to capture images.
  6. Focusing stellar images
  7. Choosing a target.
  8. Tips to make the whole process easier.
  9. Getting all the image types needed (light frames, dark frames, flats, bias frames)
  10. Image capture.
  11. Image Processing primer
  12. Q&A
Note: It is not necessary that you have already attended Astrophotography 101, but it is recommended. By registering for this event, you'll get access to the next Astrophotography 101 Webinar and an online video for only $12 more.
Price: $65.95

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