NP101: Introduction to Night Photography Webinar (FREE*)

Want to see if a webinar will work for you?  Join this webinar for free. Sign ups for paid attendees are available at any time and paid people are given preference, including access to notes and a prior recording. It’s only fair since they are contributing to the cost of conducting the webinar and helping to support the site. **Free** attendance is available only on the NIGHT OF the event if there is still available space. An attendance link will appear above – please bookmark and return to this page the evening of the event.

It’s really informal, drop in, hang out, leave when you wish.  You won’t have to say a word or hardly lift a finger.  We’ll give you a 10,000 foot view of Night Photography ideas and principles and attack a handful of your questions.

If you missed the last event and would like to get the 94+ pages of notes… see below.

2019-06-26: Freebinar - NP101: Introduction to Night Photography
NEXT EVENT: Thu, June 26, 6 PM PT (7 MT / 8 CT / 9 ET)

Astrophotographer's Playland
This is your 10,000 foot level introduction to Night Photography.

What You'll Learn

  1. About the many different types of Night Photography
  2. What equipment you may need, and what you don't need
  3. Inspiration and ideas
  4. How webinars can work as a learning vehicle for you.
  5. What services StarCircleAcademy Offers
  6. How to overcome some common problems
  7. Links to great resources

It is interactive. Ask questions, get answers! NOTE: This is a LIVE event. It will be recorded but the recording is not made available. Wait, didn't you say this was "FREE"? What is the charge for then? The charge is for the 94+ pages of notes which includes links to at least TWO prior full length recordings. That fee also guarantees you a seat. Want to attend for FREE (not purchase the 94+ page of notes)? Revisit this page a few hours before the event, and if there is any space left, a link will appear which you can click to attend. Purchasers will be sent a link via email showing how to join the webinar approximately 1 WEEK before the event, also one DAY before the event.

Duration: 60 minutes

Available Qty: 88

They Came from Space

Meteor Hunters

The Observer

Astrophotographer's Playland

Asylum at the Sea

Star Man II

Astro Man

Sharp Skies

Lady Sampler

Star Man's Journey

Secret Dreams of Whales

Fierce Skies

Remembrance of Jenna

Under the Stars By Fire Light


Stern Seas

Pitch and Roll

Push Me - Pull You

Beach Front, Outer Banks


IF you are not allowing emails, do not check, or have allowed our informative non-spammy emails to go into your SPAM bin, you may not get the information.

You will be seated at your computer in the comfort of your home or office for this event.

We’ll talk about the moon. The sun, the stars, your camera and perhaps your bad habits – or ours at least.

You can get acquainted with us, see if things work the way you hoped, and maybe get that ONE burning question answered.


You should have a decently fast internet connection! Dial-up won’t work for audio or the data content – but if you’re not sure, this is the perfect time to try.

We recommend that you use your computer microphone and speakers to talk and listen but a dial-in number may be available (NOT toll free). We recommend a headset for this if you do not already have one. Specifically we suggest getting a Plantronics headset with a microphone and a USB connection.  Such headsets can be found at Best Buy for from $25 and up. USB headsets with microphone can be used with Skype and many other online games, and calling tools. They come in many styles including behind the head and over the head, single ear, open ear and closed.  Most laptops include speakers and microphones but the audio quality of these is generally very poor.  Some webcams also include built in microphones but generally the quality of those is also poor.

Don’t have a microphone? That’s OK, too… you can interact through text chat and you can use your iPad (or Android) smart phone.

Click the button above to Register. You haven’t reserved a spot UNLESS you RSVP’d. And please don’t whine about it not being a good night for you.  It would be a GREAT night for you if joined us 🙂

Refunds? – we don’t offer them – especially not for free events, duh! Read here for why.

This event is usually open to registration even after the event has started, however most of our events close 3 hours ahead of time. Want to register after registration has closed? Sorry, we can’t do that even if you say “pretty please”.  Read here for more.

Questions about THIS Webinar

  1. Will there be a recording of the webinar in case I want to listen again?
    We have started offering Notes, and the notes contain a link to a past recording. Please select “Include Notes” when you register for the webinar. If you want to buy the notes separately, please see here.
  2. May I make a recording of the webinar?
    Sorry, No.
  3. Will you repeat this webinar? When?
    Approximately quarterly. But we make no guarantees.
  4. Where should I send any questions I have?
    Please NOT by email. Please post it in the comments below. Make the comment meaningful and heartfelt.
  5. I can’t attend after all, what should I do?
    We’re of course sad if you can’t make it, but we don’t need to know about the furball your cat coughed up – that detail belongs on your Facebook page 🙂
  6. What is this “Live Stream” Thing on Facebook?
    It’s our latest brainstorm on how to make it easy to attend. The good news is if it works, you don’t have to sign up – just show up. The bad news is, you won’t have an option to get the notes, and we ran into some tough technical problems, so we won’t be Live Streaming every event.

Just Looking for the Notes?

NP101: Introduction to Night Photography Notes (94 pages)
NP101: Introduction to Night Photography Notes (94 pages)
These are the Notes for the Introduction to Night Photography Freebinar. Each image contains a link where you can view more details. Plus there are links to notes and references, and of course details on how to focus, what kinds of equipment we recommend and more. If you attended a recent Introduction to Night Photography these are the notes you saw - except that these are expanded to include more images and more questions and answers.

So why are you asking for payment for notes on a "free" event? Good question. First it's free to YOU, but we have to pay for the website, storage, and the cost of hosting the webinar. And we feel that the compilation of notes took days (and days) of time and are worth something.

In short, for about the cost of a fancy coffee you help us keep the server running, and the webinar hosting funded. We appreciate your support!

Last updated May 4. 2019!

13 thoughts on “NP101: Introduction to Night Photography Webinar (FREE*)

  1. Roy Gardner

    Hi, I’m from the UK and would like to attend the webinars, but the timing is very late for those of us on GMT (+1 in the summer), so is there any possibility of either moving them forward in the day, or putting them on the website much sooner after the event. I have just run through NP105 and found it really informative.

    1. Steven Christenson Post author

      Thanks for your enthusiasm. We tried events at better times for those near the Prime Meridian after similar requests from our European friends, unfortunately the times we altered our schedule for the benefit of our European buddies we had *zero* attendance from Europe (the participants were from the Americas at an inconvenient time for them!)

      We NOW offer a recording of the NP101 webinar via the notes, though.

  2. Nicole Fisk

    I’m really just getting started, and was wondering when your next webinar for beginners might be.

  3. Steven Christenson Post author

    The “free” registration opens the evening OF the webinar. Meanwhile, those who register now for a nomimal price get preference and immediately receive extensive notes. Here is how you register now:

  4. Irma Furnish

    I am trying to purchase the Notes for the webinar on April 5th – NP101 Intro to Night Photography. This doesn’t seem to be working.

    1. Steven Christenson Post author

      No. However if you find us on Facebook ( you can find a link to a previously recorded event. Also, those who have purchased the notes will have all the information presented and MUCH more, including a link to the latest recording(s). Indeed IF you purchased the notes, please download them again NOW. They have been updated to include a link to last night’s webinar. If you did NOT purchase the notes, you can do so here: StarCircleAcademy eStore

  5. Randy Black

    What happened? I was there on time and had paid all the fees but there was no change in the website and no streaming video or anything! I subsequently subscribed to the notes but I feels hoodwinked somehow.


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