Alabama Hills and Meteor Showers

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You may be interested in the December Geminid Meteor Shower event.

2018-08-12: Alabama Hills Night Photography Field Event
Sunday, August 12th, 5:00 PM optional second night

Discounted pricing available until June 8, 2018.

Minimum Attendance: 4 photographers (met)
Maximum Attendance: 12 photographers

Overarching Majesty Join Astronomy Photographer of the Year winner, Steven Christenson for one or two nights (your choice) in one of our favorite places in the world: Alabama Hills. This group will be kept small so it will be a fun hands on experience for all! We know where to go to get the most interesting formations paired with the Milky Way, or your favorite Star Trail, and of course capturing Perseid Meteors. We'll have plenty of time after sunset to collect star trails and Milky Way images . We will finally retire for slumber in the wee hours - if you can sleep, that is given the celestial fireworks that will be occuring. We don't guarantee you'll see flaming fireballs but you will undoubtedly spy a few bits of flaming space dust. In Alabama Hills the days are hot, but the nights are glorious.  We strongly suggest you book a room at the Dow Villa as soon as possible (other accommodations are available, too, including several other motels and fine area campgrounds).

This Field Expedition is not for beginning photographers. You will need to know how to operate your camera and be comfortable walking around in the dark with minimal light. To attend you also must sign and return a Waiver of Liability. There is no formal classroom instruction for this Field Expedition, but we will meet informally at lunch time on the following day to compare notes and catch up!

Star Man and Perseus [C_059960-1]

Cancellation Policy
Please read our cancellation policy. In brief there are no refunds except for the conditions listed.

About Weather
Weather is unpredictable. We feel confident that we can show you compelling photography opportunities in all but the worst weather.  Since we cannot control the weather, however, we cannot be responsible for the result.


Typical Agenda

5:00 PM Meet TV room/Lobby  [Introductions, Overview] 6:00 PM Go for dinner / or grab a to-go meal nearby
7:00 PM Head out to site 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and/or 6
7:45 PM Sunset
— shooting — onsite instruction — change sites
2:00 AM (or sooner – or later! 😉 retire.

DAY 2 (optional extra day)
1:00 PM Meet in Lobby/TV area. Compare notes, Q & A
2:30 PM Break until evening
5:00 PM (and onward) same as DAY 1

2:00 AM

Followup DAY (after Day 2 – OPTIONAL)
10:00 AM Final Q & A
12:00 PM Farewell / Lunch

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3 thoughts on “Alabama Hills and Meteor Showers

  1. Steven Christenson Post author

    Per the text, KJ, the event is not scheduled this year, sorry.

    “NOTE: We will NOT hold this event in 2014. Please see our Workshop in Alabama Hills (June 20-22)”

    The June 20-22 even has concluded. If you want to be notified when the next workshop or event is scheduled, please join our mailing list.

  2. Bill Lazar

    Steven. Do you have a wait list for the August Perseid/Alabama Hills workshop? If so, I’d like to get on it.

    I enjoyed your presentation last night.



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