NP175: Panorama Extravaganza

Webinar - NP175: Panorama Extravaganza with Eric Harness
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Event Time: 7 PM PDT / 8 MDT / 9 CDT / 10 EDT.

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes to 2 hours


This 120 minute webinar will be a whirlwind of panoramic goodness. We will cover everything from the gear to how it is set up and used to the final stitching of the photographs.

Your cruise director for this online experience is Eric Harness. Sometimes called Mr. Panorama. He will walk you though the following agenda:

  • What is it & types
  • Equipment
  • Parallax & Nodal Point>
  • Composition
  • Exposure
  • Shooting tips
  • Stitching / Blending
  • Printing
  • Extras & Questions


But Wait, There's More!

By attending this webinar you are also eligible for a discount on my panoramic software of choice.   Oh and freebies don't forget about those.

Intro into the basics methods to help you hit the ground running. Hints, tips and techniques for improving your photography.  Can it be more fun?

3-Minute Snippets From the Presentation

Questions And Answers

  1. Will there be a recording of the webinar in case I want to listen again?
    Yes, at an additional cost.  If you register here you’ll have the option to include the video if you wish. Some of our past Webinars are available in the Store
  2. Will you repeat this webinar? When?
    Most likely. But we make no guarantees.
  3. Where should I send any questions I have?
    During the webinar we will let you know where to send your questions. If you have a question before the webinar, please post it in the comments below.
  4. What about notes, can I get notes?
    Notes are includes for free when you register.


Past Courses

2013, June 26 (see here also)

  • Lot’s of helpful information. I look forward to using the software. ~ Tom
  • Wow! What else can I say. Previously I thought a panorama was simply taking a few horizontal photos, stitching them together in photoshop, and then cropping the result to give it the panorama look. … Thanks again for another great Webinar. ~ Bob
  • I enjoyed the webinar, especially walking through some of the software that is used. I appreciated the sample images to try out the process. Tons of great information! ~ Chuck
  • Very informative. ~ Cheryl

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