NP150: Photomanipulation for Night Photographers

Webinar - NP150: Photo Manipulation for Night Photography
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This 60 minute webinar is an ongoing series in photomanipulation featuring key topics in image processing for night photography.  Each NP150 event is different.  You'll see live operation of Photoshop, Lightroom and other tools and will be able to interact with the instructors to be sure you are understanding the tools and approach. When you register for this webinar you'll have the option to join with or without access to the recorded webinar. Recordings are generally available about two weeks after the actual event.  Notes are included. A webinar is better than an online video since you'll be able to ask questions and influence what we cover during the event.


Include the unlimited online video NOW for a 40% discount over purchasing it separately.


Questions And Answers

  1. Will there be a recording of the webinar in case I want to listen again?
    Yes, at an additional cost.  If you register here you’ll have the option to include the video if you wish. Some of our past Webinars are available in the Store
  2. Will you repeat this webinar? When?
    Most likely. But we make no guarantees.
  3. Where should I send any questions I have?
    During the webinar we will let you know where to send your questions. If you have a question before the webinar, please post it in the comments below.
  4. What about notes, can I get notes?
    See the answer to 1.  Sometimes we have notes and make them available for free or at a small additional charge.


Past Courses

NP150e: Advanced Masking and Photoshop Automation

  1. How to mix differently lit foreground and background scenes using advanced masking techniques. [PS]
  2. How to create masks from images using selections, color channels, and how to refine those masks using filters and adjustments.[PS]
  3. How to quickly copy a mask for reuse.
  4. How to use Curves, Thresholds and filters to adjust and enhance masks. [PS]
  5. Useful tips for managing file sets in Lightroom and Adobe Bridge [PS,LR]
  6. How to exploit the Power of Actions [PS] to save tedium. (Automating tasks)
  7. A quick revisit of a powerful method for reducing noise: image averaging. [PS]

Comments from students:

  • It was fantastic. Better than being there. ~ Yair
  • Sadly, I got quite lost trying to follow along… I probably shouldn’t have been trying to follow along with the star trail example file ~ Robert
  • A lot of material. Will need to watch the video several times, but should get it all. ~ Gail

NP150a: Photo Manipulation 101

  1. Fixing light pollution (brown crud) in the night sky
  2. Noise Reduction
  3. Foreground brightening
  4. Simple astrophotography processing.
  5. Adjusting white balance for accuracy and appeal
  6. Easy HDR

Comments from students:

  • Steven and Eric, tag team awesomeness. ~Tyler
  • Excellent class — I really learned a lot. I kept thinking about some of the techniques presented and couldn’t wait to get home and reprocess some of my night skies to get the “brown” out using the levels adjustment tool. ~ Marsha
  • Night photography is fun but that fun ends quickly if you don’t know how to process your photos. Steven and Eric presented a variety of scenarios and offered solutions to each. I am anxious to see more webinars on this subject. ~ Phil
  • An excellent class. I was very impressed with the process used to “clear the haze” and produce an impressive San Jose area photo of the milky Way. ~ Stephen

NP150b: Light Painting Edition I & II

  1. Composite those foreground elements
  2. How to combine multiple elements into an interesting photo.
  3. Using layer masks and blend modes to their utmost
  4. Processing tips tricks and short cuts
  5. Fixing the oops moments (even those created by others)

Comments from students:

  • I just got an appreciation of how powerful photoshop can be over light room, thanks. ~ Nabeel
  • Very informative and helpful webinar; some very good Photoshop tips useful for things beyond just Light Painting ~ Linda
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this Webinar; Very informative … ~ Christine

NP150c: Salvaging those Almost Shots

  1. Salvaging an out-of-focus star trail shot
  2. Fixing minor alignment issues in a sequence shot
  3. Getting Meteors in their proper place in the sky
  4. Improving star visibility in a Night Sky Image (3 different tricks)

Comments from students:

  • Really loved the “play along at home” approach. ~ Lynne
  • Very cool stuff! Just what we need to make the trails & comets look better. ~Carole
  • Wow! A lot of information packed into a short amount of time. Still pondering it all this morning. On of the many great things about this class is that notes are provided to the attendees ~Marsha
  • Fantastic material, applicable to a wide range of uses! It was far too much for me to absorb, though, given the amount of time allotted ~ Robert

Np150d: Luminous Photos

Harold's Tree Snuggles into the Milky Way [C_061999]

  1. Workflow Tips
  2. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR = LR, PS, PSE) Tricks
  3. Turn down Milky Way noise and turn UP the wonder (PS, plugin)
  4. The “Dust” Technique for Creating Star Masks (PS) so you can make those stars pop.
  5. Three time saving features of PS CS6
  6. Luminosity masks – targeting highlight and shadow adjustments (PS)
  7. Batch operations in Adobe Bridge

Comments from students:

  • On a scale of 1-10, this was a 12! ~ Carole
  • Very informative ~ Sergey
  • Great information Steven. I have worked in Photoshop for years and did not know how to make luminosity masks. Thanks. ~ Mark
  • Being fairly new to ps6 and lr4, I kind of got saturated in the last half hour! Thank God for notes being available!! ~ David




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  1. StanleyShen

    I would really into a webinar that covers all different skills on working on startrails and milky way. Are you planning for this kind of course? Moreover, this kind of class need pretty decent internet connection, right?


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