If you have made a purchase of an Action, Document, or device and are having trouble with it, please contact us via You might first want to take a look at the comments on the description of the item. For example, asked and answered questions appear for the Advanced Stacker Plus in the comments.

Please do be patient, too. If you ordered a digital product, your PayPal notification may arrive immediately, but your digital goods are coming from a different server and may take hours. We recommend you allow 24 hours before worrying about something being missing. Thanks for your understanding.

If you are have a problem or question about an event, or workshop,  please contact us by leaving a comment on the event or page. For other issues like licensing images you can use the email address or call us… If we’re awake we might answer. As night photographers we are only available at strange hours!  If we’re not in, please leave a voicemail.

Our business number is 


You can also find us on:

Please contact us (via email to support) if you need our postal address.