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To find more of  Steven’s night work click here.

For photos from Harold check here or look here.

For work by Eric Harness, this is the place to look.


3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. ron

    we are looking for panarama software that stitches not just a flat panarama but in a circle you click on and it spins. does your software do this?

    1. Eric Harness

      PTgui is not “My software” it is put out by the people at New House internet services.
      You are looking for a specific projection called Sterographic down or more commonly known as Little planet. Most panoramic software can do this.

      It takes a 360 pano like this one
      Laundry facilities @ Alcatraz

      and makes it into this

      You can also Fake this effect in photoshop. You can google “faking photoshop little planet” and plenty of videos should pop up. Now coding the rotation part that is an html part or CSS I don’t know exactly where you saw this effect but I think if you looked at the code you would see the photo was just moved a few degrees. I also know of flash plugins that will help you display panos in some other manner and will allow zooming and rotation. Good luck with your application.

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