Sand, Surf and Stars

Availability: Sporadicly

Deserted [C_070750]

Less than an hour and twenty minute drive south from the San Jose Airport is a spot where it is possible to garner some star, surf and sand photos.

The event is timed so that the partially illuminated moon lights our foreground.

You can join whenever we are at the Rendezvous point and leave whenever you wish. I will tell you where the rendezvous point is within two business days of your RSVP.  You have to attend to know exactly where we’re going.  Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.

Please note that the maximum attendance is 6 guests plus myself – seven total.  Significant others may not come along unless paid for due to environmental, creative, and logistical issues. No pets.

The Schedule (varies seasonally)

6:15 Arrive at the rendezvous point (exact location sent to confirmed attendees)
6:30 Head to our sunset shooting location where we will remain until well after sunset so we can…
8:10 Head for dinner (each pays for their own meal).
9:15 Rendezvous at the meeting point

9:30 Leave the meeting point and go to our second shooting location.
11:30 PM drive home.

What to Bring

  • Camera, Batteries with spares!, Memory Cards, wide angle lens recommended
  • Layered clothing including wind-proof and water resistant outerwear
  • Gloves, hat
  • Dry rags for wiping off dew and sea mist from the lens and equipment
  • A second rag for your own use
  • Rainsleeve (or similar) for protecting your equipment from sand and salt spray.
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Snacks, water or thermos with a hot beverage.
  • Camera Backpack or bag to carry it all in.

What We Provide

  • Instruction and encouragement.
  • Stacker’s Checklist
  • A free “Creating Star Trails Webinar
  • Small flashlights
  • Guidance to and from the shooting locations.
  • Hand warmers (can be used to prevent dew or, surprisingly, to warm your hands).

 Other Considerations

  • You may choose to book a room to sleep in before or after we are done.  Most facilities in the area allow check-in after 4 PM and require checkout by noon.
  • You agree to sign a waiver of liability to be eligible to attend.
  • Some hiking is required and it will include travelling through fluffy loose sand both up hill and downhill.  Might be taxing to those in less than average physical condition or to those with ankle, knee or foot problems.
  • You agree NOT to disclose the shooting location(s) to anyone before or after the event – except to a significant other for safety purposes.
  • I encourage us to carpool to and from the rendezvous location.  Arranging a carpool to the rendezvous point is your responsibility.
  • As scheduled this is up to 6 hours. I strongly recommend a good nap before you come and that you do not drive if you are sleepy.
  • There are no nearby toilet facilities the locations are somewhat remote.

Weather / Cancellation / Refund Policy

There are no refunds due to weather. We offer full refunds if we cancel or reschedule the event.

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