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Using Your Intervalometer (Notes)
Using Your Intervalometer (Notes)
Notes on Using an Intervalometer by Eric Harness. 17 pages. Is your intervalometer driving you nuts? Having trouble understanding the manual? These tips cover many different types of intervalometers - though none are covered in detail. From these notes you may figure out why your attempt to program your intervalometer to take repeated shots fails. You may also be interested in our article on Intervalometer Tricks.
NP101: Introduction to Night Photography Notes (94 pages)
NP101: Introduction to Night Photography Notes (94 pages)
These are the Notes for the Introduction to Night Photography Freebinar. Each image contains a link where you can view more details. Plus there are links to notes and references, and of course details on how to focus, what kinds of equipment we recommend and more. If you attended a recent Introduction to Night Photography these are the notes you saw - except that these are expanded to include more images and more questions and answers.

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Luminous Photos
Luminous Photos
Notes from the NP150 Photo Manipulation Webinar: Luminous Photos Covers specific topics in Photoshop (PS), Photoshop Elements (PS), Adobe Premiere Elements (PE) and/or Lightroom(LR)


  1. Workflow Tips
  2. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR = LR, PS, PSE) Tricks
  3. Turn down Milky Way noise and turn UP the wonder (PS, plugin)
  4. The "Dust" Technique for Creating Star Masks (PS)
  5. Three time saving features of CS6
  6. Luminosity masks - targeting those adjustments.  (PS) - going farther.
  7. Batching in Adobe Bridge


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