Monte Olivos, Spain

Last Updated April 28, 2017

The Team

Work Team

Work Crew: Back to front, left to right Pam, Bruce, Jordan / Cheryl, Greg, Andrea, tricia, Fonda, Steven / Rick, Jennifer, Mark / Bono (the dog) [Photo by Rick Ortiz]

The Task

A team of 10 people from Venture Christian Church went to Zagrilla Baja – the nearest major town is Córdoba – to build a Mirador de Jenna – a fire pit, pergola, fencing and garden area in remembrance of Jenna Sider. The Sider’s are dear to many and have been strong supporters of Monteolivos. Monteolivos donated the land for this project. The land was cleared and the pergola and fire-pit foundation were built by prior work crews. Our tasks were to install the fencing, lay stone over the pergola floor, build the fire pit and benches and cover them with stone and fire brick.

Photos From Team Members

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El Equipo

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La Tarea

Un equipo de 10 personas de Venture Christian Church fue a Zagrilla Baja (la ciudad más cercana de Córdoba) para construir un Mirador de Jenna – un pozo de fuego, pérgola, esgrima y zona de jardín en recuerdo de Jenna Sider. Los Sider’s son queridos por muchos y han sido fuertes partidarios de Monteolivos. Monteolivos donó la tierra para este proyecto. La tierra fue despejada y la pérgola y la fundación de la hoguera fueron construidas por los equipos de trabajo anteriores. Nuestras tareas eran instalar la esgrima, poner la piedra sobre el suelo de la pérgola, construir el foso y los bancos y cubrirlos con piedra y ladrillo del fuego.

Fotos de Los Miembros del Equipo

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More Photos  /  Más fotos

About to Leave on a Jet Plane (Fonda not pictured – she met us at the airport) [Rick Ortiz]

Greg and Bruce at Monte Olivos [Rick Ortiz]


Greg and Dale (camp director) [Greg Davis]

David Silva – one of our chefs displaying his Paella (which was DELICIOUS) [Rick Ortiz]



The Beginning – Work Day 1

Pamela, Jenna’s mother, shows the plan [Rick Ortiz]

We didn’t know how big the task was yet – this is where we started. [Jennifer Schnabel]

Beginnings of the Fire Pit, and Fence Posts set out [Jennifer Schnabel]

Fence Post installation [Rick Ortiz]

Greg sets a fence post [Greg Davis]

Set in Stone (Pamela, Andrea and Greg) at the west end of the Pergola [Greg Davis]

Jennifer and Pamela (chief of holding up fence posts) [Andrea Morton]

Handprints of the Workers in Concrete [Andrea Morton]

To Done (Almost)

Nearly Done! [Rick Ortiz]

Stone fire pit and stone floor of pergola with clouds and Milky Way. The cement mixer, sand, and remaining sacks of cement are visible, too. [Steven Christenson]

Zagrilla Alta, Spain in moonlight. View from Monte Olivos [Steven Christenson]

Rest [Andrea Morton]

First Fire / Dedication [Steven Christenson]


Excursions (Alhambra, Córdoba and Priego de Córdoba)

At the Mezquita in Cordoba [Steven Christenson]

Where we Traveled from Zagrilla Baja our Base of Operations

Grenada Panorama from Al Cazaba at Alhambra [Ricky Ortiz]

Alhambra in twilight [Steven Christenson]

Generalife at Alhambra [Greg Davis]