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Normally you will be directed to this page after successfully installing or reinstalling Advanced Stacker PLUS.  Feel free to bookmark this page, however.

Installation and Troubleshooting Tips

Creative Processing Tips

Lots of ideas how you can use Advanced Stacker Plus

How to Get Help

For the best efficiency, we request that you compose and append any questions or issues you have to >> THIS << page. You might find a faster solution by first reading the above tips as well as the comments others have posted. When seeking help please include your OS, and Photoshop versions in your question and any error messages that pop up.  Please allow up to one week for a response to your question (even if you don’t see it show up, we are probably looking at it). In unusual circumstances we may invite you to a one-on-one session during our “office hours”.  If you haven’t heard from us after 7 days, send us an email to our support address (see Contacts). If we don’t recognize you as a customer, we reserve the right to ignore you, or request that you provide proof of purchase.