Advanced Stacker TroubleShooter

In version 14 of the Advanced Stacker Plus we added a system check operation.  The purpose of the system check action is threefold:

  1. Check that all the components have been installed correctly.
  2. Walk you through setting up your tools
  3. Help you find and correct errors.

If you’re visiting this page it may well be because you saw instructions to do so when running the actions in the Advanced Stacker+ tool.  Or it could be you’re trying to sniff out a problem on your own.  Either way, here are some errors you might encounter and the solutions:

When Trying to “Load My Watermark”

  • “The Command “Place” is not currently available”
    Cause: Either you have the dialogs turned off and the file it’s trying to load could not be found.  OR You tried to load a watermark without having an image already loaded.
    To turn ON the dialog so it asks where to load, do one of these (or both!)
    A. Click the empty box so the Dialog is ON
    B. Delete the “Place” action and record your own!
  • “Fonts Missing”
    Cause: Fonts listed in the watermark are not present on the current system.
    Solution: Load the fonts, or simply ignore the warning.

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