NP301: Advanced Stacker PLUS Usage Clinic

This webinar is an occasional event hand tailored to the needs of Advanced Stacker PLUS users.  You can’t register for the webinar directly, you must be an owner of the Advanced Stacker PLUS *and* indicate that you wish to be invited to this event in your subscription profile. Owners who indicate that they wish to be invited are sent a one-click registration link approximately 3-5 days before the event. If you clicked the registration link sent to you in email and landed on this page… then you’re ready to go right now!

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If you don’t own the ASP, but would like to join this webinar, you can purchase it now AND be registered for the next clinic all in one go.

Webinar - NP301: Advanced Stacking Clinic + Advanced Stacker PLUS 14e
Webinar - NP301: Advanced Stacking Clinic + Advanced Stacker PLUS 14e
NEXT EVENT: NOT Scheduled usually 7 PM PDT (8 MDT, 9 CDT, 10 EDT) for 1 hour

This clinic is a series covering different topics and it's focus is getting more familiar with and more results from the Advanced Stacker PLUS. Owners of Advanced Stacker PLUS who have indicated interest in the subscription profiles are automatically invited to join this webinar. Sign up here if you don't already own Advanced Stacker PLUS. This link will send you the Advanced Stacker PLUS *and* enroll you in the next free clinic. While some prepared material is always available, the point of this webinar is for people to ask and get help with any particular topic of interest regarding using the Advanced Stacker PLUS.

What You'll Learn

  1. How to install and configure ASP.
  2. Photoshop processing tricks
  3. How to tackle some tougher problems in night photography processing
  4. The topic(s) of your choosing
Note you can opt to get a video illustrating how to create star trails along with notes and access to practice files. Add it in now for a tiny additional cost. Separately the video and notes cost $14.50.
  Here are some things to read before the event:

Push Me - Pull You

Combined forward and backward stacking in ASP.

Reversing the ordering of files for Advanced Stacker PLUS (Using Adobe Bridge)

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