Short Listed!

Regarding the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest, I just got this:

Dear Steven,
Many thanks for sending your images and form.

Your image, Photon Worshipers, has been chosen as one of a few from the shortlist to be part of our press campaign to promote the competition and exhibition, so look out for it in the press or online over the next few weeks.

In my rush to explain all the happenings in my photography endeavors I mentioned that I was short listed as Astronomy Photographer of the Year based on acceptance of two of my images… but I did not provide the images themselves. Forgive me… here they are

Granite Park in the High Sierras with moonlight and star streaks for 53 minutes.

Photo of Pfeiffer Portal, Big Sur, California

Photographers gather at the opening of an enormous rock in the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur. The setting sun shines directly through the opening only a few weeks of the year.

A press release about the short list is here.

What do you think about this?

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