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Kip Evans got me kick started on my thirst for acquisition of photons three years ago and Harold Davis added some additional excitement via his Night Photography workshops and camaraderie. Now I feel I’ve reached the point where I can call myself a real photographer. I’m excited to boast about some of my recent accomplishments with much thanks and appreciation to Kip and Harold and many others who continue to encourage and nurture me in my journey to capture increasingly compelling visual imagery.

Even my darling wife encourages me despite the very late hours that sometimes keeps me away from home as well as some long weekends out in the wilderness.

So far in my photographic endeavors I:

  • Sold prints to strangers who have seen my images on Flickr, and to friends of friends who saw my work when my wife showed them my gallery on her iPhone.
  • Was published in the East Bay Regional Parks 2010 calendar (I’m Mr. March)
  • Was commissioned to do custom work and prints for display at a large area church: Venture Christian
  • Was selected as “Photo of the Day” twice on Merzeta.com
  • and most recently, I was informed that two of my images have been short-listed for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest held by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England (that contest concludes in early September). If I win, my work will be featured at the Royal Observatory and I will receive a cash prize which I will completely spend just to go to England!

And if all that is not enough for one man to enjoy, here are a few more recent developments to note…

  1. My lovely wife gave me a lavish “birthday milestone” gift ahead of my actual birth date. Adding to that my son threw in the all important additional batteries! and my daughter and her fiancee added books and videos.  My new big-eyed companion is the Canon 5D Mark II – a professional class camera. I hope to be worthy of it!
  2. Together with Harold Davis I am almost set to launch Star Circle Academy.  Details and workshop information will be coming soon. Our first event will be in early November in one of the most interesting places I know of!
  3. An ultra long stacked exposure taken in Alabama Hills near Mount Whitney, Lone Pine, California

    An ultra long stacked exposure taken in Alabama Hills near Mount Whitney, Lone Pine, California

  4. For my “milestone” birthday I’ll be spending some R&R in Hawaii with my bride of many years.

I can only hope that you are as blessed!

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