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Meetup Logo (small) Meetup Role Diminished

As many of you know, we have been using to publicize, accept payments and sign ups for many of our events, including Webinars, Field Events, and Workshops. Unfortunately Meetup continues to make changes that make it difficult for us to maintain event documentation. The many extra steps we have to take to deliver information and content to you via Meetup has always been a pain. So, to make matters simpler for everyone Meetup is being demoted. We will continue to post summaries of our events on meetup but the primary method for signups and communication will be here on where we will post complete details about our events.  Our primary means of keeping in touch with you about our upcoming events is our Subscription page – rather than the difficult to manage Meetup tools for sending emails.

Webinar Registrations Moving To This Site

We are excited to be able to handle webinar registrations here on our site because it allows us to do many things that are impossible to do with Meetup including immediately sending course materials, providing an option to buy the recorded webinar and/or special notes, allowing discounts for repeat attendance, and (once we’ve completed our last step) automatically registering for the webinar access code. On meetup everything needed to be a two and three step process. One other significant benefit is that each webinar will continue to live on the same page so not only you can see the complete list of webinars – whether currently scheduled or not, you can also bookmark the page of your favorite webinar(s).  For us there is also a small assist because now we have a place to record when the last webinars were and what the comments were from past attendees.  For example, check out what attendees have said about the Catching the Moon webinar.

Field Events and Workshops

Just as with Webinars, having Field Events and Workshops on the site also allows us to immediately send the registrant private materials about the event including detailed meeting information, a list of Frequently asked Question, suggestions on what to bring, and so forth.

In short, we’re doing a lot more here on site. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like us on Facebook. We have many ongoing discussions on Facebook on various topics.

One thought on “Changes at StarCircleAcademy

  1. Joe Lippeatt

    Even though photography group members make up such a huge number of the company’s users, the “updates” make it harder and harder for even the simplest photography group activities. Like, looking at images for example.


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