Photo Pills discount Code

Photo Pills = The reason I bought a smart phone

UPDATE!! 10/30/13 11:18pm

The developer gave us another discount code but this one is also limited.  Maximum usage is 50 people BUT you are going to have to wait until I finish the article.

I am in the process of writing up an amazing app for smartphones called Photo Pills. The verdict is Photo Pills is an incredible app, it has so many features that the blog article is taking a long time to complete. I want to release the discount code to the public: 6M7H3NJ44KXR   All Gone!!  We only got a few to give out and they are gone

There is a lot to take in so I recommend watching the 11 video-tutorials here:  
Looking forward to getting this article finished….Whew in the mean time enjoy the app!!


4 thoughts on “Photo Pills discount Code

  1. Zack

    Hi Eric,
    I’m having a problem with the discount code. The App Store is telling me that the code has already been used.
    The app looks great, by the way!


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