Joining the Clan

Want to join our clan? Please read THIS page for requirements and the “secret word” you must use to join. Here is a quick visual guide to how to find us.  First click the bar at the left.

The bar...

2015-03-19 08_27_44-Andy

Then click Clan, then the blue “i

2015-03-19 08_06_19-Andy

Click the “Search Clan” tab. Use the Advanced Search Options with the “Show” button.

Select Location “United States”, and turn OFF “Only clans I can join”. If we are at war, our clan may be closed.

2015-03-19 08_07_44-Andy

Turn “OFF” Only Clans I can Join

True Purdue

We are the one with a Capital T


Read about us and click Join


Don’t forget the magic word from then click send.

 Then be patient!

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